About me

I'm a college graduate with Bachelors of Art Degree in Game Design. I specialize in modeling realistic, hard-surface and organic props for a diverse set of environments from photo references, style sheets, and concept art during the art creation process. My knowledge of the gaming industry production process allows me to meet firm deadlines.

I can efficient map out uv maps and create next-gen hi-res geometry normal maps for low polygon models. I am able to hand-paint textures via wacom tablet, manipulation photos to obtain a seamless texture map as well as create procedural texture maps such as Normals, Spectacular, Ambient Occlusion, and Emissive maps. My background in fine arts, gives me keen knowledge of compositing, scale, an eye for color, and lighting. [ Request Resume for Software Proficiency ]

I am confident in creating environments, weapons, vehicles, buildings, and props. I can animate props as well as import/export models to engines such as Unreal Tournament 3 – Editor and Unity.

My additional knowledge of programming languages such as C++/C#, Direct X, Java script, Action script & Max script gives me the ability to modify code as well as debug teammate’s code sheets.

I feel that my diverse background in Visual Arts and Game Design knowledge makes me a great overall candidate for the job.





Skype: devin.q.keys
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